Pre-production problem







  • pro production, if rushed, can cause a game to be very bad.
  • programmers are stuck doing almost nothing in the pre production
  • duplicates of code or sprites are often made due to bad communication
  • At last minute you will want to make more improvement
  • Some times there are people working on the next project while the others work on the current one


Building Scripting Skills

Scripts as Behavior Components 

Link: scripts-as-behaviour-components (3:27)


Scripts contain code to function depending on the code written and are Behavior Components.

Variables and Functions

Link: variables-and-functions (5:52)


Variables are like boxes of information, you need different types of boxes for different types of information.

int means Integer, or number.


Conventions and Syntax

Link: conventions-and-syntax (4:10)


C# vs JS syntax

Link: c-sharp-vs-javascript-syntax (1:54)


IF Statements

Link: if-statements (1:27)



Link: loops (5:33)



Link: classes (6:00)

Example scripting and objects




Charles’ Recommendation

When I need help on a project, it seems John is always who I turn to. John is my brother, and has helped me on multiple projects when using game development software I am not familiar with. He is good at focused work, and is skilled in navigating computer programs. Working on game development softwares is made easier when working with him. Everyone gets stuck sometimes, and it’s great to have somebody like John to help you out. Anyone to have John as a fellow employee would be very lucky.

John’s Recommendation

When I need help with a project I’m working on, Charles is always there to help. Charles is my brother and he helps me a lot at home when needed. He helps me model my game objects to make production go by faster. He is always happy to help 3D model objects. I highly recommend Charles is a good solid worker and anyone to hire him should be considered lucky.

Consider This Image


Jim decided that it was a good idea to get some fresh air, but he did not want to get up out of his chair. So he decided to attempt to create a device that would transport him quickly while he could stay seated. So he decided to attach the spare rocket engine to his chair and fly out the door. He made the chair and it sent him out of his window and he began to fly into the neighbors house. He broke through their wall, and was completely unharmed somehow. however he caught their goldfish bowl. While doing all of this he finally realized that a car was a thing to transport him while he sat down, and that this whole idea was pointless. He kept going and was nearly hit by several cars, he sped down the road heading towards a building. He was blinded by the news paper that he had and didn’t see the building coming. He slammed into it and broke through the wall because of the indestructible fish bowl. Jim hit about three people in the building, all of which where knocked down by the fifty-mile per hour idiot with a fish bowl in his hands. But one of the people was Jim’s enemy,Jeff which is pronounced with a silent ‘j’,’e’,’f’, and ‘f’. Therefore Jeff got on his rocket propelled office chair, and began chasing Jim, Except Jeff had a faster rocket engine so he caught up easily. Jim was terrified to see Jeff heading towards him down the hill. The police saw them but did not really care enough to get involved. They were both rapidly heading towards the edge of a cliff, and it seemed to late to stop. So They both just fell off of the cliff. But there was a lake at the bottom of the cliff, so they landed in the water safely only suffering minor injuries. Except now Jim had no vehicle and neither did Jeff, so Jeff chased after Jim and eventually they both made it back to land and continued chasing each other for about two more weeks. Eventually Jeff caught Jim and Jeff said “Of course I won, I am         !” But just then Jim tripped Jeff and caused him to fall and land on the ground. Jim then got up and began running away from the scene. Jim made it only about 20 feet before being stopped by the pacific oceans edge. But Jeff got to tired to continue and just watched memes for the next three weeks that Jim spent swimming to North Korea in attempt to escape Jeff. Jim ventured through North Korea and eventually found a time machine that could transport him to any time, so he decided to travel to the future. But Jeff found a link in his memes to a free time machine and for just the price of his social security number, credit card number, and his soul. So he decided to travel to the exact same time as Jim. When they arrived they both arrived in the year 3018, and began to chase each other again. Jeff chased Jim onto a Rocket ship and they chased each other all of the way to Jupiter where they were both killed by the planet’s acid rain. They then chased each other as immortal spirits, forever running on the surface of Jupiter.

2D Game Creation (2D Physics)


I chose this topic because I thought that it would help the most with our future project which will be a 2D game. I did not know that Unity used only a slightly different system for making 2D games and that you can use 3D objects in a 2D game. I also did not know that the 2D was just a change in point of view. And 2D objects are actually sprites and not counted as the same as the same kind of game objects as the 3D ones. I learned how to navigate the Unity 2D menus and options as well.

Critical Thinking Assignment

“Not only do we tend to think about the world according to what we want to see and what we need to see, we tend to think in terms of what we expect to see.”

I Agree with this statement, I think that it means that we should try to think more about what we want or need to see instead of what we expect to see. I think that this quote says that if we think of only what we expect to see, and our expectations are low, than we will probably aim for the expectation instead of attempting to do as good as you can. If you think more about what you want to see than it will be easier to get there than if you think about your low expectation. It is still important to have expectations though, just set them high and don’t feel bad for barely or almost meeting them, it is still better than meeting a low expectation.

Free mind game ideas

This game will be a platforming game  that revolves around your ability to change time and use this ability against your enemies. The levels will depend on how far you have set the time on the levels to start. the antagonist is the enemies that you encounter in the areas, which change with the time.


This will be a top down shooter themed in the 1800’s, locations will vary from (seemingly) empty ghost towns in Europe to “wild west” areas in america. The enemies will be mostly unrealistic enemies that suite the area.